Beth Allen

Beth Allen began her career in acting at a young age, when she joined a group called PAS Children’s Theatre in 1993. Since then she has gone on to perform in many series and is most well-known from the drama series The Tribe as Amber/Eagle. Other series include Power Rangers and her long running series of Shortland Street, and many more. I’ve asked Beth a few questions so that we can learn more about her. Here is what Beth had to say…

Beth, what was it that made you want to go into acting?

I went along with a friend to a kids’ drama course and got bitten by the bug. That was it! I started taking drama lessons and got an agent and the rest is history. 

What would you say is your favourite things about being a performer?

On stage: when you can feel an audience is really ‘with you’ and you draw energy from their focus. On screen: when you connect with your scene mates and breathe life into a script.

What would you say it is harder to do, voice over work or on stage? And why?

It depends. Any performance medium relies on good writing and good direction to feel natural and easy.

After playing Amber who lived in a viral apocalyptic world, how does it feel living through the real thing currently?

Thanks to the arrival of our third child, by the time I finished this questionnaire New Zealand had just moved into Level 1, with no new cases of Covid 19 for over two weeks, and the final case in NZ recovered. So right now, I’m feeling very grateful to be living where I do, but worried about the ongoing implications of the pandemic on our economy and those of other countries. However, I am pleased I never had to put my hair into those Amber knots. With three kids, I simply don’t have time.

You have done so much great work in the acting world, The Tribe, Power Rangers S.P.D, Overdrive, voice over for Beast Morphers, Treasure Island Trilogy and longest running series of Shortland Street. If you could make your own movie or series, with any actors both past and present. What kind of story would you want it to be and with whom?

If I could get Frances McDormand, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Emma Thompson, Olivia Colman and Tina Fey into a room to write and act in something, I would happily play a broom.

Could you give us a little insight about your time growing up in Auckland, New Zealand?

I grew up in a leafy suburb in West Auckland with my sister, brother and Mum and Dad. I went to the local schools and spent our summer holidays in the Coromandel. It was a very stable, settled, blessed childhood.

If I came to visit Auckland, New Zealand. What is the first thing you would recommend for me, for something to do?

So much great stuff! We are surrounded by water, so our beaches are fantastic. The food is awesome. I’m at the stage in my life where I know the layout of the zoo very, very well, and we always have a good time there. In the not too distant future, I hope to go to Waiheke Island and drink wine at a vineyard again.

Outside of work, what kind of fun things do you like to do?

I have a 4-year-old, a 2-year-old and a newborn; fun for me right now is lying down and not being asked to do anything for ten minutes!

Being a mum is tough work. What do you find the most rewarding about it though?

Watching the world open up for them and their relationships with their siblings develop.

Have you any causes that you’re interested in and help?

I did some volunteering with Lifeline, which is a listening service here in NZ. I was constantly amazed by peoples’ resilience and strength in the face of their often very difficult circumstances.

Could you tell us something about yourself, that we couldn’t learn through Social Media?

I’m good at finding car parks and bad at making curry.

If a youngster came to you and asked “What advice could you give me for my first time on stage”. What would be your response?

Breathe. Speak loud enough that the people at the back can hear you.

A wonderful interview with a wonderful talent. Hope you enjoyed and a great thanks to Beth Allen.

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