Low-down with…

Lisa Kelly

Lisa Kelly was born in Dublin, Ireland into a musical family and has performed in the American Production of River Dance and been part of Celtic Woman for many years, but has now retired and announced the opening of The Lisa Kelly Voice Academy and has being doing extremely well. I took some time in asking Lisa Kelly some questions

John Jarret

Stalker is a story about sex, drugs and rock in roll with a lot of swearing and comedy. A story about a man called Jack played by John Jarret who’s desire for a woman gets unhinged when his knocked out and finding himself tied to a chair by his victim Emily played by Kaarin Fairfax who has her own idea of fun in store for Jack.

Elliott Murphy

Elliott Murphy was born in New York, the city that never sleeps, into a show business family. He started out on guitar and has made many great music albums, for example the Aquashow. Elliott works with very talented musicians and is living an amazing life in Paris.

Shane Jacobson

Shane Jacobson is a great guy, who has achieved many accomplishments in his life so far. Shane has done some impressive work in the scouts and has done many projects being in the entertainment industry for years and is one of Australia’s most loved award-winning actors, presenters and entertainers, having worked in radio, television, film and theatre.

Nicola Posener on Mythica: the Darkspore

I just finished an Interview with British actress Nicola Posener on her new movie Mythica: The Darkspore. Staring as the character Teela, Nicola has in each movie elevated her character to greater heights to make it more enjoyable along with her Mythica Family Melanie, Jake and Adam.