IT Chapter Two

IT Chapter Two

27 years ago, the Losers faced off against a psychotic child eating, shape shifting clown called Pennywise and defeated him. 27 years later he is back. Now the Losers reunite and must face Pennywise again and overcome their own personal fears if they are to stop him.

This is a story about friendship and overcoming your deepest fears. This film does not disappoint in the horror department with well put together designed CGI effects. The story starts strongly, slows down a bit for backstory of the Loser’s club but then picks up again for an amazing showdown against the Clown. Bill Skarsgard (Pennywise) returns as the creepy clown with more teeth and hunger than before and loves to chomp down on many kids in this film instalment.

Each actor was well picked to play the roles for the Loser’s. Though the film wasn’t as intense as the first chapter, it did well in keeping the story flowing fluently. It didn’t have too many flash backs to the original kids and while it had only a few jump moments, I wouldn’t call this a film for young audiences as it had plenty of Horror Themes, Strong Language, Violence and Bloody Gore. The final fight was good but I was a little disappointed with Pennywise’s true form. They could have made him so much scarier. Despite that, it was still a good film with an amazing performance by Bill Skarsgard (Pennywise) and Bill Hader (Richie). Overall 4/5 Stars.

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