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Jon Huertas at the American Premiere of BATTLESHIP, Nokia Theatre L.A. Live, Los Angeles, California May 10, 2012 Photo Credit Sue Schneider_MGP Agency

Jon Huertas is a very talented actor, singer and director. Jon lives in Venice, California and went into the performing arts and appeared in many TV shows, such as Moesha, Sabrina the teenage witch, NYPD Blue, Castle and over 25 more series. Using his talented musical skills Jon created the urban pop album grown and sexy which is made up of a Hybrid of pop, R&B, funk and dance music. He even has a newly formed band called Shay•Jean with fellow actor Seamus Dever also from Castle. Jon has also been nominated 5 times in his career and won 3 for his talented role as Javier Esposito in Castle. I asked Jon if he had some time for an interview, so I could ask some questions and here is what he said in the interview.
What is it that made you decide to go into the performing arts?
There’s a certain fulfilment an actor, singer or any artist gets from being able to affect someone’s emotional state when that person sees, watches or hears the work…That’s always driven me.
Where and who was it, that taught you to sing, or did you have a natural talent for it?
I think that anyone who pursues a career in the arts already has the instincts inside of them for what it is they are good at…it’s up to that artist to find the sources of inspiration and the right people and programs to foster it but always staying true to your own artistic prowess is what will help a person be successful. I chose the right people, other artists and teachers to help me hone the tools I use.
When you’re not on stage or singing, what sort of things do you like to do for fun?
California has an endless amount of things to do. But I don’t exclude the world so travelling is a huge part of what I like to do. From Africa to Sebastopol, California, there are so many cool places to see and experience…otherwise I love kickin’ it in my neighbourhood in Venice, California.
What was going through your mind, when you were not only nominated, but also won the award in 2012 for favourite TV actor in a supporting role, in a drama on Castle?
Humbled…I do this for me so to think that other people know what I do and recognize me for something is crazy to me. It’s so humbling and can feel ridiculous until you realize what an extreme honour something like that is. Then it’s just awe in the moment.
How much fun did you have working alongside Seamus Dever, Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion?
How much water is in the Pacific Ocean? A Lot…

Even though you’ve been in the TV, Music and Live Stage business for a long time, do you ever feel that sensation of back when you first started?
Always. I make it a point to retain that excitement. There was a time when I lost it and I feel it affected performance and career and my mental health in a way. So making sure I appreciate the amazing opportunities I’ve had and still might have keeps it exciting.
What was it like going behind the camera, and being in and making the short films, The Box and Lone?
It’s was challenging – First time directing is already a challenge and then casting yourself makes it even harder but I was the only actor I could afford at the time so I had to be in it. I’m trying now to find the right project to direct as a feature without the actor Jon Huertas in it.
Where do you think, you would be today, if you had never got into the performing arts?
I’d probably be a fireman or a Police Officer or in some type of public servant type of capacity.
Can you tell us something about yourself that we couldn’t learn through the Internet or magazines?
No…that’s the problem with Internet and Magazines. Everything’s already out there. – Choosing this lifestyle I’ve had to give up the level of anonymity that people who aren’t in the public eye benefit from. I didn’t want to be an actor for fame or anything like that so that is actually the hardest thing about this job I deal with because I actually like my privacy.
If someone came up to you and asked how to make it in the performing arts, what words of wisdom would you pass to them?
If it’s in your heart, never stop, never give up and never quit.
It was fun getting to chat with Jon Huertas and tell his story. I hope you all enjoyed reading this interview as much as I liked doing and writing it to share.

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