Last Christmas

Last Christmas

This is a wonderful tale of friendship, family, love and the spirit of Christmas. When a young woman, Kate, who survived a great illness that almost claimed her life, returns back to the life she had, she discovers it isn’t what she had before. A year has passed, and now because of her selfishness, she is losing friends one by one, her boss is upset with her laziness, she is avoiding her family and just plain giving up. Until a chance encounter with a delivery boy, Tom, who comes into her life.

This romantic comedy, gives many wonderful laughs, heart felt emotions and faith. It does deal with a lot of complicated feelings of life, culture and Brexit. What made this film enjoyable, was the story of Kate (Emilia Clarke) seeing her rises and falls and her never giving up and living in the moment. Very different compared to other Christmas films which is why it’s more fun. There is a great soundtrack in this film and even a musical performance by Emilia.

If you enjoy comedy, romance, Christmas with a twist, Emilia Clarke, Henry Golding, Emma Thompson, Michelle Yeoh, a great cast and an amazing story, then you will not want to miss this film. Overall 4/5 Stars.

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