Meghan Ory

Meghan Ory is a Canadian actress who was born in Victoria, British Columbia and has enjoyed an amazing life. Back in the day Meghan made her film debut in a cable movie The Darkling’s in 1999 and has only moved on up since then appearing in many TV movies and TV series Meghan has shown again and again why she was right for those choices. Meghan has also gone on to write her own teen book series called Chronicles of the girl wars based on her high school years. Meghan after being part of the show Once upon a time for many years is playing the character of Ruby/Red Riding Hood who fights too except her heritage of being both human and werewolf.

When you were chosen to be Ruby/Red Riding Hood in Once upon a time, what was going through your mind when you heard the news?
I was very happy, heard about the show and wanted to be in it. Loved reading the books.
What was you’re faviorite moments in Once upon a time?
Too many to name.
What was the reason you were drawn to this show in particular?
I liked what it was about and I liked what my character.
When growing up what inspired you to want to become an actress?
Seeing actresses on TV and wanting to do that someday.
What do you think of your Once upon a time acting family?
They are really nice and cool.
Now that you’ve returned to the show, what more would you like to see your character Ruby go through?
More romance and getting what she wants.
What on the scene location for filming was your favourite?
The Woods.
How well do you feel you relate to your character Ruby in real life?
I don’t relate to her that much.

What do you think of the costumes and make-up that were designed and created for the characters in the show?
I like them a lot
After many years of being in the show, how surprised are you with how well it’s doing?
How much fun do you have while doing once upon a time with everyone?
I have a lot of fun.
What do you think of the Directing of the show?
It is good.
What’s next for you?
Chesapeake Shore and Dashing through the snow and more movies and shows.

It was very nice getting to do an interview with Meghan Ory, such a wonderful person with such a fun personality. Well I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I enjoyed writing it up for you all.

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