Moya Angela

Moya began her career the way most talented performers do, Theatre. Since then, she has continued her pursuit of lifting herself to greater heights, Cruises, America’s got talent and the greatest stage in the world…Broadway. Today, I asked Moya if she could tell us about herself, here is what the lowdown is…

When you first went in as a contestant for America’s Got Talent, did you ever imagine that you could make it as far as you did to become a semi-finalist?

You hope to, but you don’t know. I was very proud of that journey. Top 32 out of hundreds of thousands.

You’ve been working on the biggest stage in the world, Broadway, for years now. Even today. Do you still feel all that excitement from when you first began?

Oh yes. Each project is different and each time is equally exciting. Such an awesome experience.

In your spare time, what do you like to do for fun?

Travel. I like getting out of the city and experiencing new things.

Did you have to go through much training to get your singing voice or did it just come naturally gifted?

I’d say both. It is definitely a gift. But I had to train it to polish it. I was classically trained, so in college is where I worked hard at perfecting it.

I heard you’re an ambassador for Broadway in the H.O.O.D (Helping Others Open Doors). What is the responsibility of your position?
My position is to tell the world about a program that gives back to the community by providing arts programmes to those who otherwise cannot afford it. I also teach there and perform with the students.

How did it feel when you learned, that you had won the award for lead actress, not once but twice for the character of Effie White in Dreamgirls?

What a great feeling. You put in the work and you get rewarded for your achievements. I’m honoured.

What was your childhood like growing up?

My parents were/are great and my sisters are my best friends. We went to church a lot and I loved it. In high school I was in two choirs at any given time. Very much where my love for performing started.

To get to where you are today. Whom were some of your inspirations for helping you rise?
My big sister Toni inspired me to sing and my high school music teacher Mrs Wiehe made me realise I could do it professionally.

Could you tell us something about yourself that we couldn’t learn through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or the internet?

I’m an introvert and I’m in the process of getting my real estate license.

Could you tell us a little bit about your one woman show Giving Life, that you perform on cruise liners?

It’s a story of my journey as a performer, people who I love that have passed away, the love of my life and things I’ve been through to get where I am now. Basically, me in a nutshell.

With many youngsters going into the performing arts, what words of wisdom would you give, if they came to yourself for advice?

Start performing in your local theatres. Build up your resume and never stop training. Get voice teachers and take acting classes. You can never be too good for your dream.

There you have it, another lowdown with another great talent, Moya Angela. Hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about Moya through this interview.

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